The Horizon, It Is Epic

You might have noticed, Ricalopian posts have gotten a bit few in the last while, my batteries are getting low. My apologies, this is being remedied with a MeWeek. A hole week of relaxation and, of course, hobby. Although I have no set obligations, there are a few projects that I am leaning toward....

1[- Terrain, cause there is always more....
2[- A light-box *(does anyone know where there might be a good tutorial?)*
3[- The Angelis Project.
4[- Tony, the monster.
5[- Imperial Interceptor, which is almost done...
6[- clowns for the clown god
7[- BACON!
8[- Scratchbuild a mercenary titan (cause I'm crazy and ok with it).

Of course, loyal readers, I will keep you updated...and any comments about them projects are worth their weight in titanium ;)

Until next round...
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