The Dragon Slayer

 It is no secret, I like liches, so naturally I had to pick up Venethrax.  Besides being a really cool mini, I thought he would help with the Everblight infestation around here.
 Even being an awesome model, it does not lend itself to reposing and he has webbed toes.  I've also noticed that the exhaust vents stick out at a very weird angle, giving me concerns about breakage.
 I have only used his once in a game so far, against Khador, and I still prefer Hellbringer as Venethrax doesn't have any battlegroup-wide spells.  Lamentation is nice, but it seems preferable to Dragon Slayer (as self/upkeep spells only one can be active at a time).  I do like the soul-taker capacity of this guy though, sweet yummy souls!
 Oh, yeah.  He makes corrosion effects not expire....cause that one point of damage makes all the difference...

Until next round!!


Mini Gun and a Bowler Hat

 Progress on the Guild continues.  Here is Nino Ortega, the sniper of the family and wearer of short pants.  I am a little vexed about this, but it did give me the opportunity to paint socks!
 For some odd reason, he was also hopping about doing a little jig, which wouldn't do for a sniper.  A quick look through the bitz box turned up a couple of wheels (from the death cart I believe), one of which was placed under his foot.  Much better to be using the terrain to steady a shot than doing the hokey-pokey.
 As the crew grows I also get in a couple of games here and there (a battle report will be on the RHG blog soon).  In each game Nino's rifle is a game-changer with sixteen inches and a potential four shots in a turn.  The bowler-wearing trencher is going to be a staple in many lists...
 I'm pretty content with how these guys are turning out with the osl and odd metallics.  I'm over halfway done the minis I have (soon I'll have to get more...as it is the way it goes).
Until next round!


Wayne, Not the Little One

 More troll goodness!  This time it is the dire troll mauler named Lil Wayne.  Like the fellcaller, he sports a red tartan (this all will become clear when I post my second warlock...)
 I decided he needed more kilt, so I added some going over the shoulder, hoping to give the effect of it being held down by the belt.  I think it turned out passable, although my brain is feeling the effects of painting too much plaid.
 As the party's "warlock security chief" I envisioned him with his fists closed, hulking about.  I used the blitzer's head, partly because I like it more, and partly because I don't see Wayne as a yelling kind of guy.
 The Year of the Troll was very fruitful, so there are more trolls to come.  This also explains why there wasn't many posts last year, but now that I have backlog there will be plenty of content!  (All commission updates will be pushed to the front, cause you guys rock.)
Until next round, be well (and go read the copyright paragraph in the PP books, you will lol.)


Always Recycle

 What happens when three perfectly good liches get blown to shreds, leaving nothing but shrapnel and leering skulls?  Remold them into one, more useful, lich.  Waste not, want not!
 Cryx finally gets a jack marshal, which opens up a bunch of possibilities.  I think I will try him out with a reaper and scavenger (and the Withershadow as backup?)  His name is Quintisson, and I think he fits in quite well with his snake tail.
Until next round, be well.


He Wanders, He Drinks

 The trolls needed some Irish, and I think Gundrun the Wanderer fits the bill.  Being a binge-drinker he should get along well, and besides, he brought his own liquor!
 This mini almost painted itself having such a wicked sculpt.  I also think I've nailed down the wine-bottle-effect.  This ogre pops up occasionally in both my armies (he goes well in the "living Cryx" list), I think mercenaries are a great way to spice up the various factions without just having allies.
 Some readers may have noticed the new look.  How do you like it?  Too busy or made of win?
Until next round...


Flesh Tearers - Land Raider Crusader Number 2!

 Guess what doesn't fit in the photobox....Land Raiders!  Hopefully these desk-shots will be decent enough.  After much painting, the second Flesh Tearer crusader is ready!
 This one carries a squad of Death Company around (hence the white x's) and is designated "Mortis".
 The doors and guns are glued in (as requested) with the sponsons able to move.  Only the multimelta is separate, that pintle mount looks very unstable, at least for transport in my opinion.
 I really like the way the metal turned out on these, I might do a tutorial on it one day...
 This leaves only one squad of Death Company left in "box one" and I can send it off.  Just got to keep the mojo working!
 Until next round....
...be well.


The Most Annoying Troll Things

They are annoying little buggers, but I hear they are tasty with some bbq sauce.  Troll whelps are those little guys you might often see lurking about the feet of the big trolls.  Having no attacks, they are extremely useful (one could say essential).
 At first I was very mistaken about these little guys.  I likened them to snotlings, grots and nurglings (fun, but mostly useless), but I was completely wrong.  Whelps are not little troll babies, they are pieces of trollflesh that have regenerated arms and legs.
 So basically; you hit a troll, a chunk falls off, the chunk runs around and yells at you, then the troll eats it.  And it gets better, the troll can either lose its fury or heal some wounds back.
 So I got some whelps, now that I know they are win.
 The whelp's skin tone is painted one stage lighter then normal (although I still lose them in buildings).  The best part of the sculpts is how one bodypart is larger than the others, likely the piece they grew from.
Until the next round we meet...
...be well


Tau - Black Team

It was obvious, the stealth team's colour is black.  Like the rest of the 'gundam tau', this stage is an intermediate as I am planning to give them some weathering (aka table top quality).
 Here is black leader, signified by a red stripe.  I have intentionally left the markings simple, although that might change before the end.

 The other two team members.  I kind of like these ambling cowbots with their bobbly heads.
 But why am I painting tau, you might be asking, and I will give you a rhetorical answer.  The tau will be up for raffle next year at either Gottacon or Tsukino con at the RHG table, so my brushes have been put to work.  I endeavour to have a large army of space cows up for grabs.  (I hope they find a good home!)

 And no team would be complete without drones!  Black team gets both a gun drone (ablative wound) and a markerlight drone.  I want so many drones the battlefield looks like a frisbee tournament.

Until the next round we meet...


Purge the Unclean

 There are some things that require a crossbow bolt instead of a bullet, Father Helsing attends the Ortegas in a clerical role.  This usually consists of banishing the undead and putting down Neverborn.  Besides, every crew needs an exorcist.

Until next round....