Flesh Tearers - Land Raider Crusader Number 2!

 Guess what doesn't fit in the photobox....Land Raiders!  Hopefully these desk-shots will be decent enough.  After much painting, the second Flesh Tearer crusader is ready!
 This one carries a squad of Death Company around (hence the white x's) and is designated "Mortis".
 The doors and guns are glued in (as requested) with the sponsons able to move.  Only the multimelta is separate, that pintle mount looks very unstable, at least for transport in my opinion.
 I really like the way the metal turned out on these, I might do a tutorial on it one day...
 This leaves only one squad of Death Company left in "box one" and I can send it off.  Just got to keep the mojo working!
 Until next round....
...be well.
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