Tau - Black Team

It was obvious, the stealth team's colour is black.  Like the rest of the 'gundam tau', this stage is an intermediate as I am planning to give them some weathering (aka table top quality).
 Here is black leader, signified by a red stripe.  I have intentionally left the markings simple, although that might change before the end.

 The other two team members.  I kind of like these ambling cowbots with their bobbly heads.
 But why am I painting tau, you might be asking, and I will give you a rhetorical answer.  The tau will be up for raffle next year at either Gottacon or Tsukino con at the RHG table, so my brushes have been put to work.  I endeavour to have a large army of space cows up for grabs.  (I hope they find a good home!)

 And no team would be complete without drones!  Black team gets both a gun drone (ablative wound) and a markerlight drone.  I want so many drones the battlefield looks like a frisbee tournament.

Until the next round we meet...
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