Mini Gun and a Bowler Hat

 Progress on the Guild continues.  Here is Nino Ortega, the sniper of the family and wearer of short pants.  I am a little vexed about this, but it did give me the opportunity to paint socks!
 For some odd reason, he was also hopping about doing a little jig, which wouldn't do for a sniper.  A quick look through the bitz box turned up a couple of wheels (from the death cart I believe), one of which was placed under his foot.  Much better to be using the terrain to steady a shot than doing the hokey-pokey.
 As the crew grows I also get in a couple of games here and there (a battle report will be on the RHG blog soon).  In each game Nino's rifle is a game-changer with sixteen inches and a potential four shots in a turn.  The bowler-wearing trencher is going to be a staple in many lists...
 I'm pretty content with how these guys are turning out with the osl and odd metallics.  I'm over halfway done the minis I have (soon I'll have to get more...as it is the way it goes).
Until next round!
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