Wayne, Not the Little One

 More troll goodness!  This time it is the dire troll mauler named Lil Wayne.  Like the fellcaller, he sports a red tartan (this all will become clear when I post my second warlock...)
 I decided he needed more kilt, so I added some going over the shoulder, hoping to give the effect of it being held down by the belt.  I think it turned out passable, although my brain is feeling the effects of painting too much plaid.
 As the party's "warlock security chief" I envisioned him with his fists closed, hulking about.  I used the blitzer's head, partly because I like it more, and partly because I don't see Wayne as a yelling kind of guy.
 The Year of the Troll was very fruitful, so there are more trolls to come.  This also explains why there wasn't many posts last year, but now that I have backlog there will be plenty of content!  (All commission updates will be pushed to the front, cause you guys rock.)
Until next round, be well (and go read the copyright paragraph in the PP books, you will lol.)
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