Got a Bodger Up Yer Kilt

 With some help, I got my grubby hands on the trollkin kiltlifter, a limited edition troll.  Since there is no "official" rules for him, I'm using him as my champion hero. (That sword totally has thresher!)
 Since he has no ranged weapons (blue), and he isn't a fellcaller (red), he sports a green tartan.  Also, due to his importance, I put a snake on his base.  His bodger drinking buddy I put in red, for some reason I have the impulse to paint all mechanics red.
 This was a fun solo to paint with just enough details to give it a lot of character.  The cast was pretty good, there was minimal amounts of greenstuff needed on his arm.  But, for some reason, he is barefoot...

Until next round.
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