The Most Annoying Troll Things

They are annoying little buggers, but I hear they are tasty with some bbq sauce.  Troll whelps are those little guys you might often see lurking about the feet of the big trolls.  Having no attacks, they are extremely useful (one could say essential).
 At first I was very mistaken about these little guys.  I likened them to snotlings, grots and nurglings (fun, but mostly useless), but I was completely wrong.  Whelps are not little troll babies, they are pieces of trollflesh that have regenerated arms and legs.
 So basically; you hit a troll, a chunk falls off, the chunk runs around and yells at you, then the troll eats it.  And it gets better, the troll can either lose its fury or heal some wounds back.
 So I got some whelps, now that I know they are win.
 The whelp's skin tone is painted one stage lighter then normal (although I still lose them in buildings).  The best part of the sculpts is how one bodypart is larger than the others, likely the piece they grew from.
Until the next round we meet...
...be well

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