A Killing Machine and an Engine of Destruction

I'm not sure which one is which, but first off is I.K.E.'s update.
His markings are done, and he is ready for some chipped paint.
As you can see, I.K.E. proudly displays his favorite blogs and band, as well as cautioning the smaller things.
I have decided that the smiley face will be a reoccurring symbol on my little band of mercs.
Also, after a daemon-killing spree, I decided to do some touch-ups on Autarch Jaher. This merciless killer deserves it.
He was one of the first to be painted for Apseraph, so he needed many washes as well as the turquoise. Like most battle-hardened eldar, he also has a few chipped gems, so those were painted green (instead of the usual blue). Overall I think he looks much better now and ready for tournament tables.
The warp spiders will be next, Jaher's venerable bodyguard.
Until next post,
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