Warp Wednesday 20: Candy vs Poison

Ok, so the current buzz online is the stormraven, or what I would like to call the "death pelican". Seriously? You guys think that I am not going to laugh at every one I see on the table? Luckily, Forgeworld gave us a sincere apology for their plastic counterparts, a sexy new grav tank. They are calling it the Warp Hunter, and damn, its nice. Apology accepted.

But there is always something to make it askew, and I am talking about the new aspect shrine. The Shadow Specters are pretty sweet, with jump packs (so we can move like battlesuits) but I have one major complaint. SHADOW specters have PRISM cannon-like guns. See the problem there? Dark, ghostly wraith-like dudes, with guns that harness massive laser charges.

If I was a specter from the shadows, I would want a gun that wasn't so bright, just saying.

Eldar vs theoryhammer, this never bodes well. Here is my theory on the eldar list/points;
-any unit on its own is not worth the points.
-any unit directly compared to anther army's equivalent, still not worth it.
-an entire eldar army, planned well and working together, is a symphony of death.

For instance, the farseer. He is one of the worst HQ's in combat and there are mon-keigh who can destroy the table with psychic powers. Oh, and he is T3. Now put a farseer with a bunch of Dire Avengers, or Dark Reapers, and you make marines cry (given that you take the right powers).

So, in conclusion, its not how much you spend, its how you use it.
lol, death pelican.....
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