GFR Update - IKE (2)

Firstly, my apologies for the lighting, will be working on that. Secondly, I.K.E. is ready for his metallics, which I usually leave for almost last so I can change my water and wash brushes.
He got a bit of weathering, mostly around his feet and lower areas, by stippling black and then boltgun. (A stipple brush is a short one used for 'mashing,' but this time I used a piece of foam, and I think I like the foam method better.)
As for greys. I began with a 50/50 mix of codex and black, highlighted with ironhull grey (p3 line), then codex.
I am very happy with the glowing effect on the plasma The green is a progression from dark angels, snot, scorpion then rotting flesh. Both the blue and the green still need washes, but they will be done after metallics (hopefully) extending the glowy.
A size comparison. That poor poet has no chance!
And a size comparison with an Inquisitor (and 'host). Although I am not very savvy on my Inquisitor rules, I thought it would be neat to have some rules for ]I[ I.K.E., anyone want to give it a go?

Until next time,
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