Death Mountain (1)

Death Mtn, Day One.
With GottaCon only a couple weeks away I ventured through the sunlight to my local GW to pick up the Fortress of Redemption.
These sketches are old, before I saw the sprues and fitted bits together, but they are on hand as reference. Thus armed, I began to dig at the styrofoam.
This was set up #1. The plan was to stretch it across 2 2'x2' foam bases, with enough room for a tank pit. Although it might have worked ok, it was not true to the feel of the sketches (or what I had in mind).
So I switched to a single 2'x2' base. This made it more cliffy and claustrophobic. From the beginning I was wanting something embedded into the rock, not simply built on top.
The first layer was trimmed (roughly), fitted, and glued.
Then a second layer. The first piece (the base) is an inch thick, but a lot firmer than the 3" pink foam.
And layer three, that's a 17" tall mountain fortress.
See you for day 2,
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