War of the Peacock

-Black Legion, Wolframs. You had some very interesting allies, Seer.-
-It was unavoidable Autarch. Without intervention the maiden world would have fallen, we would have lost the webway gate in the Phasian cloud. As it is we only have a tenacious hold.-
-Did you at least get Dragger? I see, he didn't show, that is...disappointing. Your little 'hunt' cost us the dragons and the spears, what did it cost them?-
-They weathered the storm, as did we.- The Seer looked directly into the eyes of the Autarch, -the Phasian gate is held, that will be all that matters.-

-You seers and your futures.- Jaher walked down the crystal path, his anger pooling at is feet, enough to power an Avatar. -Next time, Seer, consult the War Council.-

The ancient seer of Ulthwe smiled under his ghosthelm, -you would argue with the wisdom of Karandras?- Leaving Jaher in stunned silence Eldrad walked through the portal. Craftworld Apseraph vibrated with the Autarch's fury.

Wolframs Big Picture
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