Warp Wednesday 21: Warchallenge Announce!

Warchallenge is the first contest (held by the Rabbit Hole) this year. The challenge is to amass a 15 point battlegroup (or warpack) for Warmachine (or Hordes) by April 23rd.
There are two ways to enter, the best is to come down to the Rabbit Hole (if you are in the area that is) and the second would be to email your entry to rabbitholezero@gmail.com. What needs to be included are pictures of the battlegroup (or the battlegroup itself). Any background (fluff), counters or other thingies that associate with the battlegroup are welcome.
All participants (and any spectators) will be voting for the winner. A form will be posted along with each of the entrants at Rabbit Hole Games.

The winner will be declared the following Warp Wednesday. The prize? I will assemble and paint a heavy warjack (or warbeast) and send it to the winner, and bragging rights of course.

Best of luck to you,
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