Chickenjacks and Zombies

Yes, the chickenjacks are done. Well, this one is called a defiler, I name him Spit.
The hobby a.d.d. kicked in, and it seems that I painted all the primed Cryx models I had around. Of course this just means that I need to build the other Cryx models around here.
These are the other two, rippers named Bite and Chew.
Warmachine models are really too much fun to paint. I blame my current state of hobby a.d.d. on PP now.
I promised zombies, didn't I? I also finished the first six of my converted thralls. These guys are mechanithralls, baseline steam-zombies.
I took some plastic GW zombies, added some plasticard tubes and rods and a sprinkling of rivets. The furnaces are sculpted with putty. I'm not 100% happy about the furnaces, but then again, they are just mechanithralls.
Although they are not tournament legal, they are cheap and easy to do. Also, since the two warcasters I have selected are Lord Asphixious and Lady Mortenbra, these little zombies don't fit into any tier list above two (the Lady's).
Until next time, watch out for mercenary beastmen,
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