The Next Wave

Now that all of the primed Cryxians are painted, it is time to build the rest of the ones I have. Leading the pack is Sean, the Seether.
Like the rest of the models on this post, he needs his base done (sand, gaps, tubes, etc), but he is otherwise ready for primer.
The only conversion on Sean is his helmet, which he stole from a chaos defiler. The original one didn't sit right with me.
The pistol wraith I picked up at GottaCon (lots of coverage here). Yet again, another deciding factor to play Cryx, this mini is awesome.
And I also picked up the Master Necrotech. As she is a million peices (and will be converted), I began with her skarlock; Deryliss. He so creepy.
This mini is smooth, with great detail, so no conversion here. I did raise him from his base (like Loki), but with the help from a I-beam, so they look similar.
And lastly, Warmachine requires a few counters, so the first set I have made are soul tokens. I mounted the souls from Deathjack and Asphyxious to 40k bases (to mark them out as counters). The next ones I have thought up are corpse and focus counters.

See you when the sun don't shine,
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