The Asurya

They are the six Phoenix Lords of the eldar, the Asurya, and they are ready for primer!
The first and eldest is Asurmen, founder of the Dire Avenger aspect as well as the Path of the Warrior itself. There are very few conversions here (Asurmen only had his banner cut down) save the little flappy bits.
Fuegan, founder of the Fire Dragon aspect and all-around pyromaniac. Each of these eldar nasties were given larger bases, as is befitting their awesome. I also attempted to capture a bit of each aspect on the bases as well.
Maugan Ra master of the Dark Reapers (this is actually my third Maugan as I used to play an Altansar army, R.I.P.) I believe this was the model that convinced me to play eldar (I went with the dark kin first, with a converted abomination of Mr. Ra). He is simple, angry and has damn cool armor (even the blood angels copied his, lolz).
Jain Zar, loudest of the Howling Banshees, and the worst model to try to pin to a base. I knew it was the girls who would be difficult to give bigger bases to, but that wasn't going to stop me. And now I need to get a unit of banshees....
Karandras, Lord of the Scorpions. He ousted the first scorpion phoenix, he has got the best helmet in the game, and has a superfluous chainsaw. What is not to like?
Baharroth is the youngest of the Phoenix Lords (and the codex always rubs it in), he is also the only one who can fly (imagine the pranks!) Like many eldar players, not a fan of Hawks, but give them hit and run... This prancing lord might get fielded along side Jaher and his spiders, I might even start liking his aspect.

Thanks for looking, (I will paint them soon I promise),
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