The Next Wave, Part Two

I finally finished assembling Deathjack. What a heavy chunk of pewter he is.
I did make him a little bigger than normal, as his leg/body ration was annoying me. I used some plastic tubes here and there and a liberal amount of putty.

Here is a size comparison with a slayer...as I said, he is huge!
The stitch thralls. For some odd reason there are only two sculpts for these little guys. So I had to convert one of the duplicates. Awww...zombie kids....
And here are the brute thralls for the mechanithrall unit. There was much repositioning of arms, resculpting muscles and pinning/swearing. But they are ready for paint!
All that is left (that I own) with the exception of Mortembra and a bunch of counters.

Until next lapse,
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