Warp Wednesday 23: On The Table

These are not the droids you are looking for, these are my three 'test'-droids for the mercenaries. I was recently acquainted with Imperial Armour 8 (the ork/elysian one) and got some funny ideas (sky talon for IKE? A dune-buggy driven by beastmen? lolz.....)
Meanwhile, elsewhere on the painting table these two have been threatening passers by, bunnies, mountains, paint, and pirate girls for a little while. Smash and Grab have had painted skin for a while, and then I started painting eldar...
Tony stands guard over the painting table, with his cheese wedges. Mmmmmm cheese....sorry, I just like cheese. 'Awesome' is defined as 'cheese and bacon' where I come from.
And lastly, due to greater range capacity, Marshal. This beastie is what I call a 'claymore' super heavy. It has a couple of missiles.

And that is what is on the painting table (or; very wip stuff). Happy Wednesday,
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