Warp Wednesday 22: Squad Crimson

Getting to know the 609th; Squad Crimson One.
When you are 609th infantry you either walk or ride. Platoon Crimson is the infantry core of the armor division, they get to ride the mechanical beast that is the chimera.
Under the relentless pounding of solid rounds, and gaze of the commissar, Crimson One is often the first in. The squad has the prestige of being the first 'true' armored fist squad of the 609th (back in the old codex that is), this is often seen when they deal with Crimson Command.
Crimson One has served in nearly every action that the 609th have undertaken. Until the founding of Platoon Crimson they also had the highest casualty rate ('Plasma' Bill has rarely survived even after that).
Ah yes, Commissar Roxy...
SLt. Justin is the leader of this mob, a really grumpy officer with an axe, he has often been seen deep in the battlefield fighting alone after his squad has died.
Snips...no one talks much about, or to, him.
See you next Wednesday,
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