Its Not Easy Being Blue

 His name is Kermit, and he is a swamp troll.  Slightly repositioned, and without the silly tongue, his demeanour is much more aggressive.  Also, he has green spots!
 This is a metal troll, one of those hollow metal minis PP likes to make.  The details are sharp (except for that one spot on his wrist) but I do prefer the new plastics that line up nicely.  The best part of this mini is the fishnets, usually reserved for working girls, Kermit adorns them with weeds and floaters in what must be a fashion statement.
 With the Year of the Troll behind us, there are many more trolls to come!
Until next round....


The Bringer of Hell

My favourite lich has gone legendary (I'm sure that's the level above epic), and he got a new friend!  Given his new status, I made an epic base for the guy so he can tower above the other Cryxians in the case.  This is a pic-heavy post, so on with the details....
 I painted him in the same fashion as his previous incarnations, but with the various techniques I have evolved since starting my legion of undead.  The red is the same, dark-mid-light reds with more precise washes.  The blue-black begins with necron abyss, followed by regal blue and shadow grey with a black wash.  I now do my Cryxian gold with blighted gold, shining gold and then green wash.
 The display base features Asphyxious' rune nice and big, with extra flourishes for coolness.  The join isn't seamless, there is some small discrepancy between the display base and his, mostly due to the raised nature of it.  Overall, I'm 80% pleased with the result.
 The glowing bits are also done differently compared to my first Cryxians.  I undercoat them with white as my first step after priming the whole model black.  The orange hell-glow areas are washed with orange ink, them red wash in the "outer" portions, and a small amount of cygnar yellow in the "inside" parts.  The soul cages get a bit of rotten flesh, followed by a green wash and a yellow highlight on the upper portions.
 As for the mini itself, I didn't change it too much.  The sculpt was nice, with few vents and some easy mold lines, but he is shorter than my iron lich version.  I angled his skirt on the cork basing, then filled in some additional folds to break up the triangular shape. 

 (magnets, they are like magic...but more magical!)

 And Hellbringer also comes with a buddy.  Vociferon is a re-tooled scarlock geared up for harvesting tasty souls.  Compared to a regular scarlock, Voci loses spell slave but he is an arc node (which is useful because he should be up front vacuuming life energy).
 The banner wasn't appealing to me, so I changed it.  In the bitz box was a corrupter arm, an infinitely useful bit, and after some cutting and drilling my new scarlock got a new soul vacuum.
 So far, I really like Asphyxious' new incarnation.  His new spell list is pretty sweet; carnage makes thralls hit things and mobility makes my jacks much faster. But his feat is killer (using focus, fury and casting heals him and gives him a soul), making it essential to take him out on his feat turn or face a 20 focus iron lich.  *insert evil laughter here*
Hope you like him!  Until next round...


Taking Aim

 Here is the second rifleman, Alain, and one of the coolest plastic minis I have seen yet.  The detailing is very crisp, with few mold lines and intuitive to assemble.  This mini was a joy to paint up.
 His base has the same greenstuff wood as the others as well as an edge and crystals.  To brighten things up I made the crystals glowing and green, I think it works out well.
 The pouch, knife and pistol are all separate pieces, and the worst part to deal with, which isn't that bad at all.
So Steamtown's law enforcement force grows, looking forward to having them on the table.  Who doesn't like shooting criminal magi?

Until next round.


Flesh Tearers - An Update From The Forge

 My painting mojo is back full time and I've been at my desk painting like an insane munky.  My recent posts have been a little short on marines, so I thought that a WIP update was in order (you guys deserve it!)
 On the Flesh Tearer front, I've been hammering out the second crusader.  The main hull is ready and she just needs a weapon fit.  There are a couple of fiddly bits, like the writing on the parchment, and I am hoping the death company x' look right.  Any c&c is welcome (and taken into careful consideration!)
 The top-down shots show off the saw blade best.  I traced two circles with pencil first so it would stay even, although it is difficult going over the side and such but I think it worked out.
 GW changed their red midtone, can you tell?  I'm not sure about fixing this issue, I could either darken the second one, or brighten the first.  Given their chapter, I think darkening it would be the better option.
Until next round!


Guild Deputy Francisco

 Here is the second mini in my Malifaux crew; Francisco Ortega.
 I transferred the colour scheme from the rifleman over with the exception of the shirt.  The unique and rare1 minis will have slight variations from the black trenchcoat and blue, but still tie together.
 He was a fun mini to paint, even though he is a one-dimensional sculpt.  The cast was pretty good, finely detailed as usual, with few mold lines.
Until next round, keep painting!


The Cash Clowns

 The Cash Clowns are a mercenary group who travel the galaxy hunting things for money.  They exist simultaneously in multiple universes (40k and nWo) but primarily in Brutal.  Brutal is a game being created by Swimming Eagle over at RHG, and the Cash Clowns are my contribution.
 Some of you might have seen their AI units, IKE and the Hound droids and the old reference to "Smiley Face Mercs".  I'm happy to say that this band of misfits is being realized.
 Left to right; average clown, Captain Radius, clown with huge chainsaw, and average clown.
 These minis, as many of you can tell, are based on Necromunda gangers (Cawdor and Retribution) with some additional armour made with greenstuff.  There are still six more waiting on the shelf.
 I tried to keep with a construction site theme to the colour pallet.  Deep reds with yellow contrasts and muted undertones.  Almost everyone gets a smiley face.
 As recommended on a previous post, some of my 40k terrain will get vandalized, which is a great idea.  There will also be an entry or two in the nWo Grmoire.
 In 40k, I'm sure I can use the henchman rules for organizing a squad and hire them out as an elite choice.

 You guessed it, ran out of words to say.....

Until next round.


Into the Breach!

 New year, new game, new faction.  This year at GottaCon the RHG gamers decided to leap into Malifaux.  Having a soft spot for trenchcoat-wearing gunslingers, the Guild seemed to be for me.  One of the main reasons for the choice to play Malifaux is the awesome/twisted minis, ad I almost chose Neverborn, but Steamtown needs a trigger-happy police force.
 The plastic riflemen was an essential, they made out of win, and the models are spectacular.  They are also really thin and detailed being closer to "real-scale" than GW or PP minis, which can cause some issues during assembly.  The wood base is sculpted from greenstuff (I was surprised how easy it was), and the rims match Steamtown's grey.
 This one is named Cuthbert, after a young gunslinger in the Dark Tower series.  Since all of my crew are either unique or rare, they will each be named in the same theme.
The game play is interesting, since it uses a deck of cards (instead of dice) and given that it is a skirmish game (less then ten minis).  Once I get a couple more games in I'll give you my thoughts.

Until next round.


Two Angry Piggies

Like the gators earlier, these two are a thank you present for an enemy of mine.  Since I have some awesome friends, I am placing a spy in each of their armies.  These pigs are going to my Khadorian friend Jordan.  Now there are claims of a "Year of the Pig" from his desk....
 The black-clad freak asked for some industrial themed pigs, as though they were going to go see Combichrist.
 Lots of black and some hazard stripes.  I went with  dark red hair to tie in with the Khador jacks and add a bit of colour.

And then there's the big pig....
 His snout was miscast, so I painted it scabbed over, poor guy smells bacon all the time now.
 Keeping a lot of area black sped up the painting and contrasts the skin tone well (imho).

Hope it made your eyeballs happy, until next round!