Into the Breach!

 New year, new game, new faction.  This year at GottaCon the RHG gamers decided to leap into Malifaux.  Having a soft spot for trenchcoat-wearing gunslingers, the Guild seemed to be for me.  One of the main reasons for the choice to play Malifaux is the awesome/twisted minis, ad I almost chose Neverborn, but Steamtown needs a trigger-happy police force.
 The plastic riflemen was an essential, they made out of win, and the models are spectacular.  They are also really thin and detailed being closer to "real-scale" than GW or PP minis, which can cause some issues during assembly.  The wood base is sculpted from greenstuff (I was surprised how easy it was), and the rims match Steamtown's grey.
 This one is named Cuthbert, after a young gunslinger in the Dark Tower series.  Since all of my crew are either unique or rare, they will each be named in the same theme.
The game play is interesting, since it uses a deck of cards (instead of dice) and given that it is a skirmish game (less then ten minis).  Once I get a couple more games in I'll give you my thoughts.

Until next round.
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