Two Angry Piggies

Like the gators earlier, these two are a thank you present for an enemy of mine.  Since I have some awesome friends, I am placing a spy in each of their armies.  These pigs are going to my Khadorian friend Jordan.  Now there are claims of a "Year of the Pig" from his desk....
 The black-clad freak asked for some industrial themed pigs, as though they were going to go see Combichrist.
 Lots of black and some hazard stripes.  I went with  dark red hair to tie in with the Khador jacks and add a bit of colour.

And then there's the big pig....
 His snout was miscast, so I painted it scabbed over, poor guy smells bacon all the time now.
 Keeping a lot of area black sped up the painting and contrasts the skin tone well (imho).

Hope it made your eyeballs happy, until next round!
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