GottaCon - 2013

 Another GottaCon is over, and I'm going to declare it a resounding success!  As I was running some nWo sessions, I only played in the doubles and team tournaments  over at the WarmaHordes tables, here's a peek at the action...
 All three games in the doubles Kharchev and I faced double colossal lists.  Those things are hard to take down!  We did manage to win one game, via deathclock, on a tough roll!
 I definitely learned a few new tricks, like how the shooty army should go before the assault army, and how annoying stormwalls are in duplicate.
 Happily, the armies we played against were superb (the painted ones that is), and the majority of the players were very good sportsmen.

 Such pretty stormwalls, and so annoying!
 This caught my eye; an ork blimp...yaar!

 Took a pic of the demo armies, because I like pink circle....
 Yup, another sormwall.  This was during the team tournament, I was lucky to get beaten by some really awesome people.  The Ricalopians did manage to secure the team spirit award, cause we Ricalopians are awesome!  (in your face winners!)
 The Iron Arena got lots of play, nearly every time I walked by there was robots and monsters trashing each other on the metal floor.  This made that week of painting completely worth it!
 I did not enter anything in the paint competition, I wasn't happy with what was ready.  But there was some really nice minis in there, like this Deathjack.
 Blogger, why do you shuffle the pictures?
Gerald Moore took home the large model award with this superb minotaur, I spent at least an hour drooling at it.

I met a couple of bloggers and got recognized by some of the blog's followers which makes me feel like a famous person.  That's right, I'm a geekstar!

Until next round!
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