Flesh Tearers - An Update From The Forge

 My painting mojo is back full time and I've been at my desk painting like an insane munky.  My recent posts have been a little short on marines, so I thought that a WIP update was in order (you guys deserve it!)
 On the Flesh Tearer front, I've been hammering out the second crusader.  The main hull is ready and she just needs a weapon fit.  There are a couple of fiddly bits, like the writing on the parchment, and I am hoping the death company x' look right.  Any c&c is welcome (and taken into careful consideration!)
 The top-down shots show off the saw blade best.  I traced two circles with pencil first so it would stay even, although it is difficult going over the side and such but I think it worked out.
 GW changed their red midtone, can you tell?  I'm not sure about fixing this issue, I could either darken the second one, or brighten the first.  Given their chapter, I think darkening it would be the better option.
Until next round!
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