The Cash Clowns

 The Cash Clowns are a mercenary group who travel the galaxy hunting things for money.  They exist simultaneously in multiple universes (40k and nWo) but primarily in Brutal.  Brutal is a game being created by Swimming Eagle over at RHG, and the Cash Clowns are my contribution.
 Some of you might have seen their AI units, IKE and the Hound droids and the old reference to "Smiley Face Mercs".  I'm happy to say that this band of misfits is being realized.
 Left to right; average clown, Captain Radius, clown with huge chainsaw, and average clown.
 These minis, as many of you can tell, are based on Necromunda gangers (Cawdor and Retribution) with some additional armour made with greenstuff.  There are still six more waiting on the shelf.
 I tried to keep with a construction site theme to the colour pallet.  Deep reds with yellow contrasts and muted undertones.  Almost everyone gets a smiley face.
 As recommended on a previous post, some of my 40k terrain will get vandalized, which is a great idea.  There will also be an entry or two in the nWo Grmoire.
 In 40k, I'm sure I can use the henchman rules for organizing a squad and hire them out as an elite choice.

 You guessed it, ran out of words to say.....

Until next round.
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