Khador - On Foot

 The Drakhun needed a walking version, for when he knocked off his horse, and this model was sent to fill that role.  Although it isn't the actual model (and he is missing his shield and helmet) it should suffice without any problem.
 Next up for this army is Gorman all dressed up in Khador colours!
Until next round, be well.


Blood Bowl - Evil Rat Men

 The next team in the Blood Bowl project is the Skaven team.  Like the team previous, the Tomb Kings, these are third party models.  Also like the last team, I'm not sure where they are from (other than the tunnels below).  Each of the models seem to be made of resin, except for the rat ogre and assassins.
 The sculpts are nice, although there is some crazy flash here and there, and each model is slightly different, which is a nice change from the core set teams.
 I went for a dirty sewer theme on the colours.  I figure that this is the brightest that dirty rat men can get.
 They were fast to paint, while also being interesting enough to paint.

 I really liked the rat ogre.  All of the poses embody the feel of the rats.  Many times during painting I could almost hear the chittering.
 With these guys done, there are only three teams to go (plus some additional humans).
 Until next round...
...be well.


Trolls - Bodyguards

 I knew Calandra was going to need a decent bodyguard, and since I started off with Gunnbjorn, I didn't have a dedicated combat unit.  Sure I have Boomhowler, but he is more of a tarpit than a reliable hitting unit.  I had my eye on the warders with their eight wounds, tough, reach, and weaponmaster.
 After a few games with them I can honestly say it was a good choice.  These guys are hard as nails, and they hit just as hard.  They work well with Calandra and eGrissel, I am looking forward to running them with Borka.
 I had my eye on the warders because I really like the models.  After building the unit the champions mysteriously ended up in my hands.  Both sets were easy on the mold lines, no bendy weapons, and no gouges from the sprue being ripped off.
 It is nice having a unit that can go toe-to-toe with man'o'wars...
Until next round, be well.


Khador - The Northern Army

 The first finished model in the Northern Army is the Mon'o'War dragoon, the Drakhun.  This model is awesome, and heavy.  I hope I did it justice.
 This commission will be nicknamed the "Northern Army" on Ricalopia to keep it separate from other Khador posts (kind of like the Alfa Wing).  There is a sizable amount of metal that needs to get painted red, it seems like my workload continues to grow, almost every time I return models I get more to paint.  I guess it is just the circle of life.
 This project should be a lot of fun, I like painting red.
Until next round, be well.


Alfa Wing - Number Five

 And so begins; the Time of Fliers.  This is the first of a squadron of six Imperial Guard aircraft.  Once complete, the squadron will consist of five valkyries and one vulture.  Here is the first one without weathering.
 The colour scheme which was chosen is fairly close to the Elysian scheme with a lot of weathering.  I chose to name them the Alfa Wing because "A" is a lot more interesting (and easier) to paint than zeros.
 I started with number five so I could nail down the colour scheme on a "lesser" valk, which is better than screwing up the command bird.
 All but one of the valkyries were bought second hand and needed some correctional work.  After the build, I have one thing to say to all the hobbyists out there: DO NOT GLUE FLYING STANDS IN WITH HEAPS OF PLASTIC GLUE!!!
 Either way, they are mostly assembled now (just waiting for the missing bits) and one other is ready for paint.
 I also followed the Elysian flight markings, and played around with some freehand aquillas.
 Overall, I like the severely weathered look achieved with the sponging technique.  I might have gone a bit too far with it, but my instructions were to "weather it to sh!t".
 That's it for now, back to my brushes.
Until next round, be well.


Experiment of Death - Twilight Knight

 I finished my Twilight Knight Pinup in time for GottaCon's painting competition.  She didn't place, but I got some great feedback from Kelly over at Sable and Spray.  This was a model I just wanted to paint, like many of the Kingdom Death models, and she did turn out to be a fun challenge.
 The detail is very fine, and she lacks any over-the-top aspects.  Everything is proportionate which helps the realism of the model, but it also means that there are some very thin parts and finding conversion bits is difficult (if your bis box is full of GW bits).
 GottaCon's painting competition had some flaws this year, things that could be changed and adjusted to bring more awareness.  I have a few suggestions, which I will pass along to the right channels.  I would like to see more entries next year, with more of the spotlight on some of the most amazing models in the land.

But that is a topic for elsewhere.
Until next round, be well.


Blood Bow - Mummy's Team

 At first, the Blood Bowl project only included the core set, but when the first two teams were picked up another two teams were put on the list.  It sounds like I will be tackling almost all the teams over the next little while.  Here is the Tomb King team, complete with dancing skeletons.
 My client has looked to other miniature companies for the new teams, which is understandable due to the lack of support from GW.  I have no idea where these guys are from but they do have lots of character.  The sculpts themselves are not as finely detailed as what I am used to, the lines are shallow and the poses are fairly static.  Even with their faults, they were still fun to paint up.
 The 'old school' colour schemes are well received, so I continued the trend.  These bigger guys got some 80's horror movie skin, where the little guys got the standard dry bone.
 They do have the same main colours as the human team, but I think the gold will help set them apart.  They also got dead grass instead of the green, I am planning for all the "evil" teams to have the same (chaos and skaven).
 On the list are some skaven, chaos, wood elves and dwarfs.  It should be a fun adventure.
 Until next round....
....be well.


Trolls - The Oracle

 I can't roll well.  In fact, I can't roll higher than seven on two dice.  Then I picked up Calandra, she of rerolls.  With an abysmal track record of dice fails, this caster is essential.  With her around my Mountain King can actually hit something, charging dire trolls deal damage and some of my battle plans actually work (sometimes).
 Calandra is also a detail-packed model to paint.  When I saw the Mountain King's crater I knew it had to be her base, I think it worked out well.
Until next round, be well.

Space Wolves - Sneaking Around

 The Space Wolf project is moving along, here is the scout unit all ready to outflank.
 I enjoy painting scouts, it is kind of like painting guardsmen, there is more to them than regular marines with the undersuits and gear.
 I really like the way the old metal scouts and the new(er) plastics are the same style.  They really mix in a unit well.
 I opted for the classic tan undersuits, like most of the scouts I see wear.  There must be an STC somewhere....

 Until next round,
...be well.