Blood Bowl - Evil Rat Men

 The next team in the Blood Bowl project is the Skaven team.  Like the team previous, the Tomb Kings, these are third party models.  Also like the last team, I'm not sure where they are from (other than the tunnels below).  Each of the models seem to be made of resin, except for the rat ogre and assassins.
 The sculpts are nice, although there is some crazy flash here and there, and each model is slightly different, which is a nice change from the core set teams.
 I went for a dirty sewer theme on the colours.  I figure that this is the brightest that dirty rat men can get.
 They were fast to paint, while also being interesting enough to paint.

 I really liked the rat ogre.  All of the poses embody the feel of the rats.  Many times during painting I could almost hear the chittering.
 With these guys done, there are only three teams to go (plus some additional humans).
 Until next round...
...be well.
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