Flesh Tearers - Hate the Alien

 Here is the last of the Flesh Tearer infantry, the tenth member of the last tactical squad, and a member of the Deathwatch.  I painted him separately from the rest of his squad due to his black armour.
 All that is left for the 'Tearers is a couple of Stormravens which are waiting for some brass etch to arrive and then they are done.  It has been a long journey but an enjoyable one.  I'm going to miss the red and black.
It also seems that you, the readers, have also enjoyed this project.  The Flesh Tearers are some of the most viewed posts on Ricalopia, they even come up on the first page of Google image searches.  Thanks for being with me so far, I think you are going to like the 'ravens.
Until next round, be well.
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