Experiment of Death - Twilight Knight

 I finished my Twilight Knight Pinup in time for GottaCon's painting competition.  She didn't place, but I got some great feedback from Kelly over at Sable and Spray.  This was a model I just wanted to paint, like many of the Kingdom Death models, and she did turn out to be a fun challenge.
 The detail is very fine, and she lacks any over-the-top aspects.  Everything is proportionate which helps the realism of the model, but it also means that there are some very thin parts and finding conversion bits is difficult (if your bis box is full of GW bits).
 GottaCon's painting competition had some flaws this year, things that could be changed and adjusted to bring more awareness.  I have a few suggestions, which I will pass along to the right channels.  I would like to see more entries next year, with more of the spotlight on some of the most amazing models in the land.

But that is a topic for elsewhere.
Until next round, be well.
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