Blood Bow - Mummy's Team

 At first, the Blood Bowl project only included the core set, but when the first two teams were picked up another two teams were put on the list.  It sounds like I will be tackling almost all the teams over the next little while.  Here is the Tomb King team, complete with dancing skeletons.
 My client has looked to other miniature companies for the new teams, which is understandable due to the lack of support from GW.  I have no idea where these guys are from but they do have lots of character.  The sculpts themselves are not as finely detailed as what I am used to, the lines are shallow and the poses are fairly static.  Even with their faults, they were still fun to paint up.
 The 'old school' colour schemes are well received, so I continued the trend.  These bigger guys got some 80's horror movie skin, where the little guys got the standard dry bone.
 They do have the same main colours as the human team, but I think the gold will help set them apart.  They also got dead grass instead of the green, I am planning for all the "evil" teams to have the same (chaos and skaven).
 On the list are some skaven, chaos, wood elves and dwarfs.  It should be a fun adventure.
 Until next round....
....be well.
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