Trolls - Bodyguards

 I knew Calandra was going to need a decent bodyguard, and since I started off with Gunnbjorn, I didn't have a dedicated combat unit.  Sure I have Boomhowler, but he is more of a tarpit than a reliable hitting unit.  I had my eye on the warders with their eight wounds, tough, reach, and weaponmaster.
 After a few games with them I can honestly say it was a good choice.  These guys are hard as nails, and they hit just as hard.  They work well with Calandra and eGrissel, I am looking forward to running them with Borka.
 I had my eye on the warders because I really like the models.  After building the unit the champions mysteriously ended up in my hands.  Both sets were easy on the mold lines, no bendy weapons, and no gouges from the sprue being ripped off.
 It is nice having a unit that can go toe-to-toe with man'o'wars...
Until next round, be well.
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