Dragonfather Rising

As promised, here are some pics of the finished steam-powered undead. Ain't they cute?
Up next for these guys is to paint the lich lord himself. And there is a seether and Deathjack clawing towards the primer (well Deathjack is just making tonnes of noise inside his box). The seether has a defiler face ready (as I am not too keen on the one he had prior).
Up next: Mr. Huggy, daemon prince of the Black Legion...
Be well, and beware of bears (they have big teeth and claws!)


Just a Couple Things...

Firstly, an armored sentinel. Just because.

And second, the medusa.

More tomorrow....



Meet Fester, my hive tyrant. After many dust layers he is finally competed.

Until next time,


Proudly Irregular

Welcome back, hope your journey was exciting...
These plucky chaps are an experiment with NMM, well not really. I decided to build and paint some chaos terminators, but I had no idea what color scheme to throw at them.
I was thinking Black Legion, blacks and oranges invading my vision. As the winds of magic fused bitz together it had to be.
I don't play CSM, and no codex of that flavor sit on my shelf, so it wasn't until after that I realized where the inspiration came from. The cover of the CSM codex, utterly devoid of metallics. I didn't much care for all that brass anyway.

In other news, a very distinguished magazine has given me a nod. Those wikkid hobbyists over in Sheffield have a really good magazine, which is free to download here, which I recommend each of you look at (no just my bit). It is kind of odd, being way over here in my igloo (aka Canada), and being one of the esteemed Sheffield Irregulars. It is an honor to say the least.
Back o your regularly scheduled internet browsing,


Some Steam Power

The steam-powered undead have not been left idle. Levi (my leviathan) is finished (see).
I has realized that helljacks are more fun to paint than assemble...

As I am planning for an Asphixious force, the Cankerworm was an essential, (and so cute too!)

I will have finished pictures of him in the next Cryx post...
My scarlock, who I shall name Valis, needed a bit more....mech.
I just love the pose on this guy.
Well, until next time I feel like being in public, be well andsuch.


Back to the Guard

After a long absence, ricalopia has returned (for good or ill). But, I do return with finished medics! Jus a little squad of three medics with their three veteran bodyguards to ride around in the Charion.
I figure they could beqeueath some "feel no pain" (eternal worrior?) to some lucky squad...

I call this a Claymore.

Come get some....

And with "that which is left over", I also put together a little medusa.

Well, that is one down on the blog post backlog...until the warp clears,
Be well (and stay away from angry rhinos).


Sorry about the stretch of silence, but they found out....

more posts imminent!