Proudly Irregular

Welcome back, hope your journey was exciting...
These plucky chaps are an experiment with NMM, well not really. I decided to build and paint some chaos terminators, but I had no idea what color scheme to throw at them.
I was thinking Black Legion, blacks and oranges invading my vision. As the winds of magic fused bitz together it had to be.
I don't play CSM, and no codex of that flavor sit on my shelf, so it wasn't until after that I realized where the inspiration came from. The cover of the CSM codex, utterly devoid of metallics. I didn't much care for all that brass anyway.

In other news, a very distinguished magazine has given me a nod. Those wikkid hobbyists over in Sheffield have a really good magazine, which is free to download here, which I recommend each of you look at (no just my bit). It is kind of odd, being way over here in my igloo (aka Canada), and being one of the esteemed Sheffield Irregulars. It is an honor to say the least.
Back o your regularly scheduled internet browsing,
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