Dais of Doom - Finished

The Dais of Doom has finally been completed, and I am quite pleased with the results.
It was hard to keep the brush off the model, it just begged to be painted (and to go kill astartes...) Unlike many other minis, he just kind of zipped past the painting table.
I think I am finally getting the balance right between the different colors while keeping to the predominant bone tones.
Until next round...
Be well.


Space Elf's Giant Lizard

Well, well. Look who made it back to the painting table....
You might remember this guy from long ago, he is the chompy monster that my exodite dragon prince will ride into battle. It being the Year of Eldar, the dragon prince is one of those dusty projects that are being given some brush love.
Mr. Chompy is done, time to move to the rider. Even for a badly proportioned metal model, I really like him and think he turned out well, but we will see when everything else is done.
Until next round,
be well.


Failed My Eldar Save

The Cult of the Unkind has begun. If you follow this blog already, it is easy to tell that I love the eldar range, but we will start at the beginning. The dark eldar was my first 40k army, they were evil and elven and the background was....we will say inspiring.
Years passed, and so did the Kabal, and I eventually moved on to craftworlders, templars, then the Imperium, and the evil space elves were lost to time. (I am only counting the armies that became playable forces, there were a ton of others...) Life was a youthful mess, and when it stabled out, I started collecting eldar again. As we know, GW re-vamped the dark kin, but I resisted. I was holding out to some misguided notion of eldrich 'good'. As you can see, I finally caved in.
I think what broke me was the venom and talos kits. With the new codex, it is even more feasible to mount a small, swift and deadly army of nightmares. The army will begin with two five-man units of warriors in venoms, five grotesques and nine wracks in raiders, two flights of five scourges, all lead by a couple of hamonculi. And of course, a talos and a chronos. I am not too fond of the new grotesques, wracks or hamonculus, and until I see them in person, I will be planning some sik conversions.
These five are the first unit of the "House Guard" of the Cult. The Unkind, as the enlightened among you will already know, is a cult devoted to the god of ambition known as Nekra to some, Eldor to others, and is always identified with the sigil of the burning/crying eye. This ambition transcends concerns of the flesh, reducing it to a medium through which the soul can achieve. Although most of Apseraph's civilians are unaware of the cult, it does have a seat at the craftworld's governing council. The Unkind are unleashed only upon deserving foes of Apseraph, they are their hidden army.
Until next round, be well.


Hand Me a Wench: Episode 1

At first glance this might seem like a pile of random bits, but it is much more...
What is this strange new project with so provocative a name? A squad of ten pirate girls, yar!
You might have noticed, none of them are GW, the only reason being is that they don't have pirate girls. You also might notice Ral Patha, Reaper, Privateer and some other less recognizables.
This should be a fun project to paint up, stay tuned for updates....
Until next round, be well.


Vampires Next Door, Finished!

The final episode, I will let the pictures speak for themselves....

Until next round, be well.


The Brotherhood of Edam - Grill

Brother Grillean, it is told, was the first to awaken after the Scattering. Resolute, and loyal to the Brotherhood's goals, Grill has always been most well known for his pyromania.
Unlike most veterans, Grill has never attempted to rise in martial rank, he has instead devoted his time to the Pyrae cult within the Brotherhood. He holds the rank of Magi Primaris within the cult.
Brother Grill supports the main terminator elements, supporting them with both flame and battlefield wisdom. His other shoulder plate displays the Two Serpents encircling the Eye, a hunter's sigil.
Brother Grillean is of the Second Seven, which comprises of the tactical element of the Brotherhood.


Vampires Next Door, Episode 5

With the majority of the vampires finished, it was time to do some work on the display base. And the corpse of course.
This project was quite enjoyable, (I haven't painted old skool fantasy in a while), especially since I got the opportunity to make a display base.
The gravestone and gargoyle are pretty neat, I don't know what manufacturer they are from, but it is cool to paint things I'm not used to. They had almost no mold lines and nice crisp detail (I'd like to know where to get some...)
Next episode of VND will be the finale, see you then.
Until next round, be well.


The Quardraped

This plucky little fellow is commonly referred to as the Quadraped around the Holes and Dens. You might recognize him from various battle reports and as part of the Black Legion I did for a friend. Yeah, it took a while to finish him...
The theory behind its design was to build a fast, light, armor-killer, that and I'm also not that big of a fan of defilers. So he got armed with a twin-linked multimelta and some big claws.
After a few games we realized that his rules (very much like a possessed dreadnought) didn't fit right, so I thought to revamp them. Tell me what you think...
Fast Attack. Points: ????
WS 4, BS 4, S 6(10), F 12, S 12, R 12, I 4, A 3. Walker, beast (fleet, 12" assault)
2 dreadnought ccw's, twin-linked multimelta, twin-linked bolter, daemonic possession, smoke launchers.
How many points would you spend for a quadraped?


In Progress - Dais of Doom

With commissions on the go, Monday is designated "My Stuff Day". This gives me a chance to try to keep up with all the various projects that accumulate in the Rabbit Hole.
This Monday I made some progress with the Dais of Doom.
The more I look at this model, the more I like it.
The next steps are the blues, touching up and finishing the bone, then some markings and gems.
Poor guy, has no feet...
Until next round, be well.


Vampires Next Door, Episode 4

The painting of the vampires has begun. I think I might have used three different ways to paint black.
For a couple of old sculpts, they didn't seem too bad for mold problems. (Although Manfred's face is...odd, and Isabella has massive hair.)
The metallics I stayed with silver, to keep with the gothic look. The blades had some red mixed into the metals, I think it turned out well.
Until next round, be well.