A Pleasant Day

I set about making a couple of boards wargame-ready this weekend. And the first one is finished.
I rescued two 3x4' plywood boards from a free bin. I then cut out a bunch of plasticard blobs. A grass mat was selected and cut to size, then flipped over and the blobs traced out on the back. The blob shapes were cut out of the grass mat, then it was flipped over again to trace out the blob shapes onto the board. The blobs were spray painted with a really dark green base, light brown (which ended up dark...) and then some 'make it stone' textured spray. The blob edges were then highlighted with a bleached bone-like color (dollar store kind).
The grass mats were laid down, trimmed and white-glued, then stapled. Wood edges to protect the table during storage were then nailed in. The whole project was oddly easy...
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