Failed My Eldar Save

The Cult of the Unkind has begun. If you follow this blog already, it is easy to tell that I love the eldar range, but we will start at the beginning. The dark eldar was my first 40k army, they were evil and elven and the background was....we will say inspiring.
Years passed, and so did the Kabal, and I eventually moved on to craftworlders, templars, then the Imperium, and the evil space elves were lost to time. (I am only counting the armies that became playable forces, there were a ton of others...) Life was a youthful mess, and when it stabled out, I started collecting eldar again. As we know, GW re-vamped the dark kin, but I resisted. I was holding out to some misguided notion of eldrich 'good'. As you can see, I finally caved in.
I think what broke me was the venom and talos kits. With the new codex, it is even more feasible to mount a small, swift and deadly army of nightmares. The army will begin with two five-man units of warriors in venoms, five grotesques and nine wracks in raiders, two flights of five scourges, all lead by a couple of hamonculi. And of course, a talos and a chronos. I am not too fond of the new grotesques, wracks or hamonculus, and until I see them in person, I will be planning some sik conversions.
These five are the first unit of the "House Guard" of the Cult. The Unkind, as the enlightened among you will already know, is a cult devoted to the god of ambition known as Nekra to some, Eldor to others, and is always identified with the sigil of the burning/crying eye. This ambition transcends concerns of the flesh, reducing it to a medium through which the soul can achieve. Although most of Apseraph's civilians are unaware of the cult, it does have a seat at the craftworld's governing council. The Unkind are unleashed only upon deserving foes of Apseraph, they are their hidden army.
Until next round, be well.
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