I am tired, it was a long day. Through the miserable sunlight, (I work nights, your sun is crazy bright daywalkers), I journey to GW to get primer. Just primer. It is not that I am boycotting, or irate over price hikes (cause I am), I just have a lot of projects to finish before new models. So I went in for a single can of primer.

They know the sun-time is bad for me, so the chatter is kept small, which was ok (I prefer to chat after purchase anyways, it's a hunter thing). I took a look around, briefly due to fantasy night starting up, and checked prices. Grab my primer and wait to pay

This is where things go badly. I know the upsell games, being a previous red-shirt myself, but this was something else. It was about White Dwarf, how I should get it for the pretty pictures, and feel guilty for not having it. Two staff members accosting me for my decision to trust in the Blogosphere over a 100-page advertisement.

No, I don't read White Dwarf anymore, I think it is useless now. It didn't used to be, and I have the issues to prove it. Really GW? Is your magazine selling that badly?


Two Broads and a Fish

Blue Team's Devilfish is ready.
I set to painting it as though it was built with different coloured plastics, like a Ban Dai kit, but with shading and highlights.
As far as the latest set of rumors regarding the new 40k rules; I am averting my eyes. Until I read the new rules I don't need to speculate over what-ifs, the rules are secondary anyways.
The weather sucks, being windy and all, which will make priming the next phase difficult. Time to clamp boards to my balcony...
I am still at a loss as to the army logo, and what colour to make it. I was tempted to steal the Macross logo until I watched a couple episodes....oh yeah....
And, on to the Broads!
Apologies for the teaser, it was as far as I got before I got K.O.'d for the night.
This is Camo Team, friendly aren't they?
Railcannon, the most badly warped gun I have ever met....
Until next round...

Something Heavy....

Until next round...


The Young Ones.

I am building a Tau army, I just can't resist manga 40k dudes. And it is ok if they are cow-people, they have droids.
So I went with a Gundam-like theme. This is the majority of Blue Team. During painting, I decided to represent each squad with a colour (the other fire warrior team will be green).
This is Red Leader, (and of course, his droids). Yes, he has stabilizers.
I opted for a larger shield generator made from vehicle parts.
Isn't it amazing how entire armies can appear out of nowhere and completely derail all one's projects?


The Horizon, It Is Epic

You might have noticed, Ricalopian posts have gotten a bit few in the last while, my batteries are getting low. My apologies, this is being remedied with a MeWeek. A hole week of relaxation and, of course, hobby. Although I have no set obligations, there are a few projects that I am leaning toward....

1[- Terrain, cause there is always more....
2[- A light-box *(does anyone know where there might be a good tutorial?)*
3[- The Angelis Project.
4[- Tony, the monster.
5[- Imperial Interceptor, which is almost done...
6[- clowns for the clown god
7[- BACON!
8[- Scratchbuild a mercenary titan (cause I'm crazy and ok with it).

Of course, loyal readers, I will keep you updated...and any comments about them projects are worth their weight in titanium ;)

Until next round...


The Wild Minotaur...

...in their natural habitat. Note how cheerful they look as they skip through the forest.
With the exception of the big plastic guy, they are touched-up and re-based. Being such long-time campaigners, they needed those touch-ups.
KMFDM was kind enough to send me extra swag in my last order, so I did what any reasonable hobbyist would do; make a billboard out of plasticard.The old metal guys have green stuff headdresses and one's got a beak (because, thats why).
The banner...
...and the other side.
The scattering of terrain is 'new' (as in 'sitting-around-forever-until-it-gets-painted-new'). Yup, trees, chaos rocks, a rubble barricade, and a billboard.
Well, until next round, be well.


Vampires Next Door, Encore

Just a quick commission, a couple of grave markers.
Be well...


Hand Me a Wench: Episode 2

Progress on the wenches, the main areas of their clothes are done.
Purple tones were an essential for the client, so they will still fit in with the rest of the army.
Skinstones, then leathers, brass, gold and metal. Then they should look more pirately.
Until next round,
be well.