I am tired, it was a long day. Through the miserable sunlight, (I work nights, your sun is crazy bright daywalkers), I journey to GW to get primer. Just primer. It is not that I am boycotting, or irate over price hikes (cause I am), I just have a lot of projects to finish before new models. So I went in for a single can of primer.

They know the sun-time is bad for me, so the chatter is kept small, which was ok (I prefer to chat after purchase anyways, it's a hunter thing). I took a look around, briefly due to fantasy night starting up, and checked prices. Grab my primer and wait to pay

This is where things go badly. I know the upsell games, being a previous red-shirt myself, but this was something else. It was about White Dwarf, how I should get it for the pretty pictures, and feel guilty for not having it. Two staff members accosting me for my decision to trust in the Blogosphere over a 100-page advertisement.

No, I don't read White Dwarf anymore, I think it is useless now. It didn't used to be, and I have the issues to prove it. Really GW? Is your magazine selling that badly?
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