Hordes of Chaos - Tzaanitekis and The Princes of Magog

 There is an ancient tale of the Legions of Gog and Magog, daemonic hordes that roamed the lands of men before the counting of years.  The legions were trapped behind mountainous gates by a certain emperor of men, but their spoor carries on.  The bloodlines of Magog are favoured by Lord Tzaanitekis, and those who prove themselves worthy may ride at his side.  The Princes are known throughout the lands of the Empire and dwarfs for being unstoppable killers.
 The original regiment of five was bolstered, and after careful counting, grew to a twelve-strong unit of chaos knights.  I touched up the veterans a little, but not by much.  The new recruits were already painted quite well by the hobbyist I inherited them from.  (If you know Pauly, you would know the awesome he puts into his models, and he is one of the people I have had the pleasure to learn from.)  I switched up the standard and musician and put some blue on the armour plates.  All the weapons were repainted to have a dark/glowing/magical effect.
 The few games I have played have seen the 13 destroy everything they touch, and trees being the few reliable things to take any down.  I equip them with the banner that grants a ward save against shooting and magic so if the armour fails Tzeentch may be favourable to them (and often is!)
 The command section.  It seems that the champion rarely gives any orders, although the knights are a superfluous bodyguard, but they can still be nasty without the lord.
 And I will part with a couple of shots of Lord Tzaanitekis, the Prophet of the Bird-God, Slayer of Cities, and The Heir of Magog. 
Until next round, paint and game!!
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