High Elves - Lord of the Sky

 All the high elves are done, but I am working out the backlog of pictures.  Next up is the lord of the orange and white, riding a griffon.  He is so important he has four burning blue balls!!
 Since this is a character, some extra effort was put in than the eagles and troopers.  The wingtips got some striping, many colours got an extra tone, and the browns were washed with more care.  I am pretty happy with the result.
 This mini still looks slightly off, which I think is due to the front claws being too long compared the the hind legs.  The front legs are almost twice as long as its back legs...weird...
 There is word that more elves are on their way, and the commission will continue.  Much like a certain space marine chapter I know.
 Until next round...
...be well.
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