High Elves - Aeronauts

 No high elf army is complete without a couple of great eagles.  These were probably the easiest and fastest models to paint in the whole list, mostly drybrushing and washes.
 When I use washes on models this size (and on feathers in general) I try to use my washes sparingly.  The main tricks are to place the wash at the visible beginning of the feather, then wiping off excess on the raised areas (or returning the a drybrush of the previous colour).  This will separate each 'row' of feathers and give the wings more visual appeal.
 The new sculpts are nice, not stunning or spectacular, but they are just eagles so I am glad they don't have a ton of spikes and skulls.  I am still not sold on the new flying sticks with the ball joints.  Yes they are easier to pose (like the old landspeeder stands) but the model has a hard time staying perched.  The only idea I have had to remedy this is to put a small amount of 'ardcoat on the ball, let it dry, and re-fit.  This seems to work, as the varnish should be clear, but the model could get stuck if too much is used.
Well, until next round, be well.
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