High Elves - Army Standard

 The high elves continue, this time up is the battle standard bearer.  This model is yet more plastic goodness for those of us that like painting details.  My biggest challenge on this model was layering the oranges so they didn't bleed into each other.
 There is a fair bit of gold on this model, and it is a good showcase for my gold process.  (I find most of the metallics I see are rather flat, or simply have a wash over a basecoat.)  Metal should be painted like any other colour in order to force the shine with highlights.  I start with a basecoat of dark gold (Gehenna's gold GW), then add a flesh wash to achieve some shadowing and fill the deep lines.  A mid tone is applied over most of the gold areas (Aulric armour GW) and an extreme highlight on the very edges (radiant platinum p3).
 There are still a quite a few high elves to go, stay tuned....
Until next round, be well.
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