High Elves - Master of Books

 Here is the third character for the high elf commission, a loremaster.  It seems the nice elves got themselves a warrior-mage type character in the new book (I rarely play fantasy these days so I don't have a clue).  But I do like the sculpt, he looks pretty bad-ass.
 With more time I would have done up a bit of freehand on his cloak, find a way to put the burning blue ball on his cloak or something, but these elves are needed at the Kipper's Melee which is fast approaching.  It will be nice to have a freshly painted army for a local tournament!
 I am growing more fond of the new high elf sculpts, even the ones from the starter box.  They have much more movement to them and better/more nice elf bling.  Proof that GW's plastic sets are moving forward (even the "bad" ones have massive conversion potential).
Until next round, keep painting!
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