High Elves - More Swords

 The second unit of swordmasters are of the old metal variety.  It is well known that I prefer metal casts due to the durability, sharp detail and reassuring weight, but I have to admit that the newer plastics are far better (for this unit at least).  It was interesting to experience the evolution of certain details on the two sculpts.  They are similar enough to be recognizable as the same unit, but a lot of things are more defined with more variance (the standard bearer is plastic).  I would field the two units mixed (each half plastic and half metal).  The burning blue ball returns on the back of the champion's cloak, but the camera is dying so no photographic evidence this time.
Until next round, be well.

PS- A new camera has been donated, ending this horrible predicament, and with twice the megapixels.  You should see them, megapixels are so cute...
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