Blood Bowl - Da Green Teem Part 2

 The orc side of the Blood Bowl set are finished.  So without further preamble, here are some pictures!

I'm a Ricalope of few words today, so until next time (be well).


Space Wolves - Wyrdmoon

 I have a problem; I finish models faster than I can post them...so here is the most-recently painted Space Wolf.  The rune priest is a very fuzzy model (with fur covering most of his armour), but lacked many of the issues that most people report about finecast.  There were a couple of bubbles (mostly underneath the cloak) but the details are very crisp and deep.  It almost felt like painting a Forge World model.
 The left shoulder pad was blank, so I went with a personal icon befitting his status, a wryding blood-moon.  And off I go into the next bath of Space Wolves starting with some 'actual' wolves....more fur!!
Until next round, be well.


Blood Bowl - Troll Zero

 This troll is a little different than my usual, a river troll who plays Blood Bowl.  This was a really fun model to paint up (even though it is old with a static pose without a lot of details).  When these teams are done I might actually miss them...
 I am currently rocking four projects at the moment, and all of them commissions, which is pretty awesome if I say so myself!  This allows me to make notable amounts of progress while sating my hobby add (which is crucial cause I get bored fast).  In the past while this system has worked wonders for me, although the projects don't go as fast as they could.
Longtime readers will know; see you next round!


Flesh Tearers - Raining Blood

 This dreadnought drop pod was sent to me already airbrushed red, so all it needed was some details here and there.  I thought the hazard stripes would be fitting and I think they turned out well.
 In addition, this is a very converted model made from a regular drop pod.  The base section was scratchbiult, with hinges built in, and the doors extended and textured.  To my surprise, this was a fun model to paint up.
Until next round, be well.


High Elves - Playing with Fire

 The Sisters of Avelorn are the next up on the high elf project with their flaming bows.  I opted for orange flames, like d&d magic missiles, partly to reinforce the orange in the rest of the army.  I also didn't go with an osl glow, with the models so close together I didn't think it would look right (unless I put glow almost everywhere).
 Overall, I'm happy with the unit, they do stand out nicely.  Next up; the Everqueen!
Until next round, be well.


Space Wolves - Meanwhile, on Fenris...

 Finished off the second pack of Grey Hunters recently, and I'm warming up to the space puppies.  I am a sucker for minis with lots of details and these guys have them in spades.
 They were all painted like the other pack, with one exception; the black/red triangles are reversed on the shoulder pads.  Hopefully this will help tell the two packs apart.
 After these guys is a Rune Priest and then the first batch is done!
 Until next round....
....be well.


Blood Bowl - First Half of the Green Teem

 The bulk of the Blood Bowl minis consist of Gork and Mork's finest.  Given their large number, I painted them in two batches, so here is the first bunch of green meanies.
 As requested, I went for a traditional colour scheme, almost like that on the box.  I really like the old school GW themes.
 Being a boxed game/starter set there are lots of duplicates (the second batch has exactly the same minis), and a total of six identical linemen!  This was the other reason for doing them in two batches.
 There are a couple additions to the team, four metal orcs who look like they just showed up to hit stuff.  (They are the two in the middle.)
There is still a bunch to do on this set, should be fun!!
Until next round, be well.


Flesh Tearers - Mark the Spot

 Here is the first of a bunch of upcoming posts (no posts means lots of painting!)  This is a simple mini, the teleport homer, and there isn't much to say about it really.
Until next round (which should be soon....), be well.