Blood Bowl - First Half of the Green Teem

 The bulk of the Blood Bowl minis consist of Gork and Mork's finest.  Given their large number, I painted them in two batches, so here is the first bunch of green meanies.
 As requested, I went for a traditional colour scheme, almost like that on the box.  I really like the old school GW themes.
 Being a boxed game/starter set there are lots of duplicates (the second batch has exactly the same minis), and a total of six identical linemen!  This was the other reason for doing them in two batches.
 There are a couple additions to the team, four metal orcs who look like they just showed up to hit stuff.  (They are the two in the middle.)
There is still a bunch to do on this set, should be fun!!
Until next round, be well.
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