Sat 7 - Number Twelve

This Saturday we have more than seven, due to missing last week's. So, here are some things that caught my eye over the last two weeks:

-Dave's Gutsman is pure win.
-Kevin shows us his awesome Menoth force (and some handy tactics if you're a zealot).
-Inq28 purifies a nurgle mini.
-A chaos ogryn diorama from Massive Voodoo.
-Hex hunters from die Vinci, some nice shadowy feel.
-I can see why this won a daemon, nice work!
-A display board/carry tray from SCW (I am so stealing this!)
-Rafa Coll shows us what guard do on their off time.
-Truescale dreadnought from Spikey Bits.
-...and the winner of their wreck challenge, "Seatbelts Save Lives".

Until next round, be well.


Sat 7 - Number Eleven

Saturday Seven, Issue 11!

-This Archon from Rant in E Minor is wikkid.
-Death or Glory is working on some ogryn servitors.
-Big Daddy from Chris.
-Menoth, really nice Menoth....(Gentleman's Ones).
-Doomrider, Chaos Brushes rock it.
-Possibly the best daemon prince I've seen, Massive Voodoo.
-A great resculpt of Mephiston.

Until next round!


Mistress of the Forge

Beneath Steamtown burns the Helzforge, a Cryxian 'jack factory. The ruling mistress of this underground labyrinth is the beautiful Mortenebra, accompanied by her personal skarlock, Deryliss.
Since I have decided to play in the Warmahorde tournament this year at GottaCon, I thought getting my choice warcaster ready. Although, we will see if that still holds when I run little Asphixious....
What I am most pleased about is that all her little legs stayed on the whole time during painting. I made sure to wash all the bits throughly, and used PP superglue, no pins anywhere.
I'm looking forward to having this little lich on the battlefield, her 'jack boosting spells and Recalibration...(insert evil genius laughter)....
She does seem a bit fragile, her skarlock can keep her out of some ranges, but I am likely to run her behind a corrupter or leviathan for cover/guard.
My current warcaster count: eAsphixious, with his ladies Mortenebra and Denegrha.
And Deryliss (note the corresponding runes?)
The poor guy is likely to be sent along with the assault force, (Mortenebra can allocate focus through him,) and will likely get hit by the odd 'jack. Such is unlife...
Like all skarlocks, he floats. It is the pincers and screw-eyes that win for me.
Until next round, be well (not 'a well', that's different).


A Chair for Really Mean Elves

Thought I would post an update on the black dragon that has been terrorizing the project table of late. The throne is finished and ready for sitting.
You might notice the pin sticking up from the seat, looks uncomfortable don't it? Luckily, minis aren't real people and therefore don' have real feelings! The pin also proceeds out the bottom (currently into the Cork of Holding). Due to this mighty pin; the throne can accommodate either rider, or not be used at all.
The throne also got a crossbow so that whomever is riding can still take a couple shots at the peasants below.
So far, so good....
Until next round, be well (unless I tap my Time Elemental).





Ahizras, Chosen of Tzeentch

Ahizras, marked by the feathers of the bird-god, bearer of one horn, and leader of the marauder tribe of Tzeentch. (Read: marauder chieftain.)
This mini comes from the Anima Tactics range, with the exceptions of the base and shield. The detail on these minis are really crisp and fun to paint, (not sure why he wears raver-pants, I guess he's been to )'( ...)
I did notice that these guys are a bit taller than others, which is perfect for champions!
Well, off to whittle down the project pile...until next round.


Sat 7 - Number Ten

It's Sunday?...so lets pretend it is Saturday and toss up seven posts that caught my eye...

-A barracuda from Xenos and Proud.
-The Brush Bro.s have a sweet mini from Infinity.
-Chaos Brushes gave me nightmares.
-Spikey Bits shows off an awesome Defiler.
-The Exodite is building a Rapier....
-Excellent dreadnought conversions from Mini Tim.
-Doc H., boo-yeah!

That's seven!
Back to the brushes!


Sat 7 - Number Nine

As the Saturday 7 isn't that big on words....

-Some shenanigans from the Scrum.
-Those jungle dwellers show us Pete, the butcher.
-Building one hell of a diorama, from the jungle.
-Post-apocalyptic biker, from Sippin'.
-Hear us non-painters, fear us and our hobby tools!
-Cannibals, loving the post-apoc, stay thirsty indeed!

Unless my maths are wrong, that's seven. Until next round, be well.