Sat 7 - Number Twelve

This Saturday we have more than seven, due to missing last week's. So, here are some things that caught my eye over the last two weeks:

-Dave's Gutsman is pure win.
-Kevin shows us his awesome Menoth force (and some handy tactics if you're a zealot).
-Inq28 purifies a nurgle mini.
-A chaos ogryn diorama from Massive Voodoo.
-Hex hunters from die Vinci, some nice shadowy feel.
-I can see why this won a daemon, nice work!
-A display board/carry tray from SCW (I am so stealing this!)
-Rafa Coll shows us what guard do on their off time.
-Truescale dreadnought from Spikey Bits.
-...and the winner of their wreck challenge, "Seatbelts Save Lives".

Until next round, be well.
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