Mistress of the Forge

Beneath Steamtown burns the Helzforge, a Cryxian 'jack factory. The ruling mistress of this underground labyrinth is the beautiful Mortenebra, accompanied by her personal skarlock, Deryliss.
Since I have decided to play in the Warmahorde tournament this year at GottaCon, I thought getting my choice warcaster ready. Although, we will see if that still holds when I run little Asphixious....
What I am most pleased about is that all her little legs stayed on the whole time during painting. I made sure to wash all the bits throughly, and used PP superglue, no pins anywhere.
I'm looking forward to having this little lich on the battlefield, her 'jack boosting spells and Recalibration...(insert evil genius laughter)....
She does seem a bit fragile, her skarlock can keep her out of some ranges, but I am likely to run her behind a corrupter or leviathan for cover/guard.
My current warcaster count: eAsphixious, with his ladies Mortenebra and Denegrha.
And Deryliss (note the corresponding runes?)
The poor guy is likely to be sent along with the assault force, (Mortenebra can allocate focus through him,) and will likely get hit by the odd 'jack. Such is unlife...
Like all skarlocks, he floats. It is the pincers and screw-eyes that win for me.
Until next round, be well (not 'a well', that's different).
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